Plasma Cutter – Selection of Right Cutting Table is Vital!


These days, you can find different types of plasma cutters in the market. These machines are coming with different efficiency and power modes and all set to make the thermal cutting operations look more effective and hassle free. When you are looking forward to put the heavy-duty cutting operations on the table, you also need to address some important criteria that can help you determining the most favorable work table for doing plasma cutting operations. These criteria can also be followed to choose the best work table for oxy-fuel cutting operations. As far as the thermal cutting is concerned, this can really produce maximum haze at the work shop. But have you really thought about the ways to make such work look less haze.

In this regard, you can always opt for the table like option that can lessen up the haze at the work shop when you are doing plasma cutting. This can really help in elevating the condition of your work shop and the overall work environment. When you are looking for a clean work shop and wish to perform plasma cutting with a higher level of accuracy, you need to opt for the table option first. Well, a table is often used to hold the work piece properly. In this regard, proper clamping is also needed to hold the work piece. But apart from doing this job, a table can also be used to make the plasma cutting work look cleaner and perfect.

A table can also be used to serve for other important purposes like reducing the heat distortion for the parts of the machine and the work piece. It can also capture most of the smoke that is generated during the cutting operations. There are also water tables which are used in order to reduce the noise level that can remain really high during these cutting operations. Such tables can be used for both oxy-fuel and plasma cutting operations. Whether it’s the cutting table or it’s the power supply unit, all these parts play a very important role for the CNC plasma cutting machine. These elements can really enhance the profitability and productivity of your work shop when they remain in the best shape and setting.

It’s the work table assigned for the cutting system that can do more work apart from holding the work piece and allowing the torch of the plasma cutting machine to perform the cuts. In order to take maximum advantage of a cutting work table, you need to have the best and the most suitable cutting work table at your disposal. There are some important factors that you need to consider in terms of adding a quality cutting table for the CNC plasma cutting machine.

Fundamentals of the cutting table:

There are really many designs available for you when you are looking forward to get a cutting table for the work shop. But when you are looking for the most suitable cutting table for your CNC plasma cutting machine, you can really come across some of the best options like dry system, downdraft system, or water table. These are most common cutting table styles that you can now find in the market. Well, the prime work of these cutting tables is to contain the smoke and dust that the cutting process can generate often. Holding the smoke and dust is really essential, otherwise these elements can hamper the overall cut quality that you are actually looking for. Due to this reason a proper cutting work table is needed when you want your CNC plasma cutter to work in a more efficient and accurate manner.

It’s the water table that comes with a great design is suitable for both the oxy-fuel and plasma cutting operations. When you are looking for an underwater cutting operation, a water table seems to be the best option for you. This type of cutting method is mostly used at the fab shop, manufacturing units, fabrication units and steel cutting units. There are also manufacturing units where such water table is used for both the small as well as bigger cutting operations. As per the underwater cutting method, the work piece is submerged below the water level to two to four inches. Due to this reason the torch and the arc also remain and work below the water level. During this type of underwater cutting process, the water uses to absorb most of the smoke produced by the plasma cutting operation. This also eliminates the need for the dust collector and hence reduces the cost factor for you. It’s the water level in the water table that can also be adjusted with the help of the controller. The water level inside the water table can remain different for both the plasma cutting as well as oxy-fuel cutting operations.

It’s the downdraft table system that can use the blower in order to extract the smoke that is produced by the plasma cutting operation. Here, the velocity and volume of the smoke generated during such process depends greatly on applications used for this purpose. It’s the downdraft table that needs to be a custom made one so that it can be installed properly. At the regular workshops, small downdraft cutting tables can be traced easily. These tables are best when you are using the hand-held plasma cutting machine. There is also CNC plasma cutting units for which the downdraft table is used. Even these tables are used for the bigger machines in this category loaded with CNC technology.

When you are looking for a downdraft table for your small CNC plasma cutting unit, you need to opt for the one that comes with single zone. That means such table is loaded with just one open passage that is located just under burning bars. For machining with the six to twelve feet work piece, downdraft table with single zone appears to be a more effective one. In case of the larger downdraft tables, these are divided into different zones along with the dampers that use to open as well as close in order to absorb the fume.

CNC Plasma Cutting Software!


There are a few things that you need to look for when you want to get the maximum from your CNC plasma cutter. There are different types of plasma cutting machines now days you can avail. Among all these machines, the CNC plasma cutters have really managed to draw maximum attention from the fabrication and manufacturing unit owners. This has also become easier for these owners to perform different types of cuts on the work piece supplied by their clients. In this competitive market, there is always a need to stay ahead of the competitors.

And when you have a CNC plasma cutter which is more powerful, efficient and equipped with highly efficient CNC software, you can easily stay ahead of the competitors while drawing maximum attention from the potential customers. You also need to keep in mind that cutting needs can differ from one customer to the other. And this also makes a good sense to have the best CNC plasma cutter at your disposal. There are several other advantages these advanced machines have also offered to the operators or to the owners.

There are really many different options and choices you can avail while using this type of plasma cutting machine. From the artwork to the 2D designs; you can easily receive these options and work accordingly when you have this type of machine at your disposal. These machines have really managed to make the CNC routing look easier and more convenient. Whether you are looking forward to achieve the best 3D works or the fancy jobs like V carving, a more efficient CNC plasma cutter can always make such works look easier for you. All you need to input the right data for the machine while using your experience and by following the machine manual. Using the best CNC plasma cutter in the market can easily cover your cutting needs to a great extent.

These days, you can also find some of the best art packages that can be used with the CNC plasma cutter in order to get the best result and cutting works. This CNC plasma-art software is designed in such a manner that you can easily use them in order to get the best designs which can be implemented on the work piece to get desired result. Such plasma-art software can make you really happy on the use. Using such software can make the overall work look easier and more convenient. Brainstorming is not what you should look for when you are having such software at your disposal.

This type of software can help you to find things that best suit your cutting needs. If your fabrication unit is receiving more orders from the customers that are looking for custom design and fabrication works, then using such plasma-art software can make a lot of difference for you. You can even personalize those works while assigning your clients name on them simply by using quality plasma-art software. With this type of machine, you can easily come up with the steel art that can be assigned for the drive way and can even make the deck-railing inserts that look amazing. When you are using a CNC plasma cutter that is backed up by the best plasma-art software, you can really find endless options.

In this regard, Free DXF is the name that can really draw your attention at the first instance. This can come up with such designs that can really help you to meet the plasma cutting desires. This company is into such business for last several years and they know what your clients can come up with in terms of the plasma cutting works they need. There are also other options that you can find with the Free DXF like military logos, fireplace screens, saw blades, etc. These options can be downloaded and can be implemented for the plasma cutting works in order to make them look more personalized while adding the name and other details of your customers.

There are also CNC plasma cutter manufacturers who offer the best plasma-art software with the machine for free. So when you will have the CNC plasma cutting machine at your workshop, you will also have several plasma cutting designs to look for and implement at your disposal. Having all these options along with the best CNC plasma cutting machine can really take the productivity and performance level up for you and for your workshop. There are also some intricate designs that you can achieve through your CNC plasma cutter at one go.

Once the design of the art work is united with your machine’s CNC software, the work will be started and the result can be achieved in one piece. There are machines which can cut through ten gauges of steel plate in just nine minutes of time in order to produce the most intricate designs on the basis of the input artwork. Such software is extremely helpful in terms of working directly with the images that you want to cut on the work piece. This also eliminated the options like using metal patterns, machine programs and layout drawings. There are many workshop owners who now prefer to replace their old software with such advanced versions, as they are no longer looking forward to use the machine code to set the right cutting programs.

Having a good CNC plasma cutting machine along with such effective and advanced software can make the cutting work look easier. There are many things that you need to address when you want to receive the best cutting work from your CNC plasma cutter. Among all these elements, the need for a proper CNC software cannot be ignored. So, you need to choose the software accordingly. in this regard, you can also research a bit online in order to determine the right CNC software that can meet your cutting needs easily. this type of software can really make the cutting work look more convenient, accurate and acceptable among your loyal clients.

CNC Plasma Cutter Equipped with CAM Software!


There are a few things that you need to know about your plasma cutting machine that you might have purchased recently or you might be planning to have one soon. No matter what sort of cutting needs you have at the workshop, there are few things you need to consider first before you can actually start working with a plasma cutter. These days, you can easily avail the most advanced model of plasma cutters in the market that are equipped with the CNC like advanced and modern technology. This is what also making these machines more accurate, productive as well as effective on the use. Instead of choosing a conventional plasma cutter, you can opt for these advanced units that deliver a great outcome on the use.

There are also advanced software used for these CNC plasma cutters in order to make the maximum process automated. CAD and CAM based software is now used to handle the cutting operation by these machines. CAM that stands for Computer Assisted Manufacturing is greatly used with these machines and also making the cutting operations more effective and hassle free than ever before. When you are thinking to buy a CNC plasma cutter, the selection of right software that helps the computer to work also plays a very important role. And when you are thinking about the right software, CAM based software can deliver great result.

The very first thing that a CAM based software can do is that assisting the operator to decide the right dimension and the torch height which is also known as the standoff height that needs to be maintained between the torch and the work piece. Once the kerf dimension and the cut dimension like elements are fixed and the data is assigned for the software, it can start the work.

The second important thing such software can do is to determine the right point from where the piercing work on the metal plate can be started. Well, the scrap material on which the piercing will be done needs to have a point from where such work can be started so that the metal dust can be removed properly. When this point is decided, it makes things easier in terms of preventing the outer contour of cut from getting distorted when the piercing work is going on. Here also, the input of an expert operator means a lot for the software to decide the right starting point. For this job lead outs and lead ins are also used as a part of the drawing in order to lead the piercing point towards the actual part contour.

CAM software assigned for the CNC plasma cutter also decided when that torch of the machine will actually start the work. it also decides the stop point for the torch. Direction the torch will move and the motion of the torch is also decided by this machine. It’s the cutting speed the torch will follow that is also decided by the software. However, all these elements are decided by the operator of the machine and then assigned for the software. It’s the manual supplied along with the plasma cutter, also helps the operator to decide the kerf length, width, cutting speed and other variables which are required to be assigned for the software. For these data, the operator can also use his experience and expertise to decide the right dimensions and the speed for the variables.

In order to help the CNC plasma cutter to work better, the operator of the machine plays a very important role while adding the necessary data for the software on the basis of which the overall cutting operation will be done. this is how the overall operation is simplified. There will be the drawing file associated with the software from where the CAD software use to collect the exact data related to the dimension of the cuts and the processes the same data while developing a code list that is called as the Machine Code. This woks as the road map that the CNC control uses to follow in order to set right speed, movement, direction, height and the activation of the plasma gel. Such software also comes with the Nesting like ability and that means an operator can easily ask the machine to go for the cutting of multiple parts. This can also be done for the parts that need additional input data. While using such data, multiple cuts can be done on the plate with different dimensions and this makes the best utilization of the plate. There are some typical suppliers of CAM software that target the plasma cutting machines. And buying such software from them can really help the CNC plasma cutter to work in a more efficient manner.

When the CNC like technology is assigned as the operating software for a CNC plasma cutter this works as the prime controller of the machine. There are also manufacturers that use the Phoenix like software for their CNC plasma cutters. This type of software is developed, improved and modified over the time. though it’s complex software, the prime work for this application is to receive that Machine Code that is integrated for the CAM software, nesting software or for the post processing application. This software then uses to interpret the machine code while converting it into the electrical signals which will further actuate the X, Y and Z axis of the motor and decides the motion of the machine.

There are many benefits of using CNC plasma cutter with comparison to using the conventional machines available in this segment. Without any doubt the plasma cutters have managed to make the cutting operations of the materials look better, effective and accurate. But again, the addition of CNC like technology has made these machines more powerful than ever before and has made most part of the cutting operations automated. And this is what now driving more attention for the use of CNC plasma cutters instead of selecting the conventional ones for the fabrication and manufacturing workshops.

CNC Plasma Cutting – Delivers the Best Cuts Once the Best Software is Used!


There are a few principles on the basis of which the CNC plasma cutting machines works. These principles are followed by the CNC software assigned for the computer that regulates the overall cutting operation done by a CNC plasma cutter. This software has the prime job of converting the machine code into the electrical signals which also activate as well as deactivates plasma. These electrical signals are also used to adjust the height of the torch from the work piece and also determine the process for marking the cutting line. There are also other peripheral devices associated with the machine which are controlled by these electrical signals so that the cutting operation can be done accurately and in a more precise manner. This software also uses to receive the input data that is set by the machine’s operator and accordingly adjusts the cutting speed, cut height, machine amperage, height of piercing the metal, voltage and other variables that determine the quality of cut.

When these elements stay in the best setting, the quality of cuts remains high. Once one of these elements fall short to the correct setting, the quality of cuts can hamper to a great extent. Due to this reason, the CNC software plays a very important role for every cutting operation done with a CNC plasma cutter. On the other hand, the input data added by the machine operator also needs to be perfect enough. Apart from using the manual book of the machine, the operator can use his experience and expertise to come up with accurate measurements and calculations for the required data. The software used for the CNC plasma cutter is often considered as the proprietary one and this may not be purchased additionally.

As this software is designed specifically for a particular CNC plasma cutter, it can work on that particular machine to control its overall operations and functions. This software can easily read the machine code as well as can interpret with it or combine it in order to make the operator’s input more effective. Due to this reason, sometime such software is also called as the Human Machine Interface. It helps in directing all the electromechanical components associated with the machine to work in a well synchronized manner. this helps the overall cutting process to remain more streamlined and effective.

There are really many different types of software announced for the CNC plasma cutters. Among them the Plasma Cam is the one that look to be more effective and accurate on the use. When you have this type of software for your CNC plasma cutter, it can easily scan the artwork or it can use the files on the computer just like the clipart in order to perform the cuts accurately and as per the given dimensions. This type of software also makes the raster-vector conversion easier, smoother and cleaner. In order to do this, the software first smoothes those images and processes them to make the cuts accordingly on the metal plate.

With the help of such software, you can easily scale those images into just any size and can even cut several copies as per your need. When you are looking for custom design that is large and proposes a very accurate cut design, this type of software can come in really handy for you on the use. With the help of such software, you can also add the custom lettering while using the True-Type fonts. Through the indexing procedure, this software can help the machine to cut a complete 4×8 as well as 4×10 like metal sheets automatically.

As per the record, this software has managed to scan a 36 inch into 28 inch horse as well as a buggy in just seventeen minutes. This was done on the basis of the art work that was made by hand. With this software, a steel plate of eleven gauges can be even cut in eleven minutes automatically once the right data is assigned for it. When you are looking forward to make the complicated cutting works look simpler, this software can work in the best way for your CNC plasma cutter.

It’s the Plasma CAM DHC which is also known as the next best CNC software that is used for the CNC plasma cutting machines. This one is considered as complete and fully integrated cutting software. For this software, the conventional processing and programming steps are eliminated as well as replaced with the graphic interface. This software allows the operator to work directly on the basis of the images that show how the cut will be made and also bear the dimensions.

Plasma cutting art software:


When it’s all about making the design work easier for the CNC plasma cutting operations, with a pre designed format an operator can receive more convenience. This can take several years to learn the actual art of drawing and designing. When you try to learn these things from the scratch, this may take time for you. But when you use the plasma art cutting software, this work can look really easier. With the use of such software, these works have been made easier and this has also supplied several creative ideas as well as designing processes for the operators. When you look for the past, you may not be able to trace all these facilities. But now with the implementation of the most advanced software and system, things have become easier for the CNC plasma cutting machine’s operator.

They are now able to perform accurate and precise cuts on the metal pieces and on different materials. This has really made the cutting works look easier as well as more perfect in nature. Now operators are able to work on different types of cutting projects that are supplied by different customers with different cutting requirements. When you are looking for the best from your CNC plasma cutting machine, you need to make sure that the machine is backed up by proper software. This will help the machine and the CNC software assigned for it to work in a proper harmony. In this way, the best cuts can be achieved easily.

CNC Plasma Cutter Works on the Basis of CAD or CAM!


It’s the modern face of the plasma cutting machines that is has really become a much debatable topic now days in the cutting industry. Whether you look at the fabrication units or the manufacturing units, addition of a CNC plasma cutter has become enough important and a deep need for the owners of these places. They are really looking forward to install a CNC plasma cutter at their workshops in order to enhance the level of performance and productivity. They have already understood the fact that if they really want to sustain in this competitive market, then they have to invest for a CNC plasma cutter. Why? These machines are coming with a powerful mode and all set to make the workshops look more productive and performance oriented.

When you are looking forward to make the cutting processes faster, accurate and perfect, these advanced machines can make a whole lot of difference for your workshop. But there is always a need to choose the right CNC plasma cutter that comes with proper software. As software plays an important role for such machine, choosing the right one for the computer is also vital. These machines are regulated by the instructions given by the computers and thus addition of proper and advanced software can help the machine to perform the cutting work properly and accurately. There is different software now announced for the CNC plasma cutters available in the market. But most of the look to be enough complex when it comes to the operators who need to be have a proper understanding about that software.

And when the operators fail to understand the software how they can make the most of such application to run the machine properly? Well, this question has been raised several times before and has also propelled the machine manufacturers hard to assign such software for their CNC plasma cutters that can be manipulated by the operators in the best way. Some manufacturers are even offering training sessions for the operators in order to make them more familiar with the software used for the CNC plasma cutter. In this way, operators use to know more about how the software will work and how it can be handled to perform the cutting operations smoothly.

Use of CAD:

When you are thinking about the software used for CNC plasma cutter, the very first name that comes to mind is the CAD based software. CAD or known as the Computer Assisted Design is what has really made the addition of suitable software for such machine look easier now. There are several processes that can be applied for a CNC plasma cutter in order to get the job done like marking the layout lines as well as the alpha-numeric pat-numbers. Among other processes, cutting of the external and internal contours is also an important thing to look for when you are looking at a CNC plasma cutter. Well, these works can be easily done when CAD based drawing packages are assigned for the computer that regulates the machine. It’s the CAD that can be divided into layers. One layer represents the process for marking as per the drawing as well as the next layer represents the cutting path. However, both these drawing layers are assigned for just one file and that makes the software more effective on the use.

As far as the use of CAD is concerned, this type of software is already in use by many draftsmen, programmers and designers. These professional are using such software in order to draw those actual parts which will be cut from the metal sheet further by the CNC plasma cutter. In those drawings they are also able to maintain the right thickness and other dimensions due to the involvement of the CAD. It’s the .dxf file which is considered as the prime output for the CAD program when this is used for the CNC plasma cutter. This file is known as the typical file format as far as Auto CAD is concerned. This one is greatly used by the developers of the CAD drawings who used to work with Auto CAD and Solid Works.

Use of CAM:

These days, you can also find the use of CAM based software with the CNC plasma cutters. CAM stands for Computer Assisted Manufacturing. When this type of software is used for the plasma cutter this is also called as nesting or post processing software. This type of software is not available at stores where you can find the office supplies. But this type of software can be easily availed in different price range, versions as well as with different complexity level. As per the simplest form of such software, .dxf file is considered by such software or a part of the drawing is taken into consideration for the software to work properly. However, this software also applied some required modifications for the part and once this is done the cutting process can be started by the plasma cutter.

It’s the software like CAM that needs some kind of input of information by the users. This type of information is mostly based on the width of the kerf which is associated with the cut that needs to be done on the material. In order to do this work, an expert in operating plasma cutter is needed who can offer the right dimension for the kerf based on the thickness of the plate, height maintained for the torch, cutting speed and power level of the machine. Keep in mind that all these elements can affect the kerf associated with the cut. Once all these elements are considered and the cut dimension is decided by the operator who input the same data with the software, the Cam software starts to offset that cut and also allows the machine to perform the cut as per the mentioned dimension. At the same time, this type of software also determines the right place for the cut to be started. This is the point from where the piercing operation is started on the plate.


CNC Plasma Cutter – Selection of Software Plays an Important Role!


When we are talking about plasma cutters, how we can miss the discussion related to the CNC plasma cutting units that have revolutionized the whole way! These machines are powerful and accurate enough as far as plasma cutting is concerned. When you are working with such a machine, you are always allowed to go for the manual operations. Gone are those days, when operators use to hold the plasma torch in hand and guide it to perform cuts on different materials. Those are the conventional plasma cutters. But now with the advent of high end software and computer systems, plasma cutting machines have received a whole new touch. It’s the modern technology like CNC which is added for these machines has made them more powerful automatic and more accurate.

CNC stands for Computer Numerical Control and this technology has really revolutionized the way the plasma cutting machines use to work. These machines are controlled by the computer assigned for them. This computer is often equipped with a high end software that keeps track of the cutting pattern and design that will be further achieved on the metal plate. This is what also making plasma cutting like operation automated as well as more convenient for the operators.

Well, the price may be bit high for these machines, but the output you will get is really amazing. There are manufacturers who have started to come up with CNC plasma cutters that cost less. Due to this reason, such machines are now becoming quite prominent at the small workshops. No matter what model or make you choose while buying a CNC plasma cutter, it’s always important to understand the required software that is assigned for such machine. This will also help you to choose a more productive machine for which you will love to invest.

If you will look for the buyers, then you can find that most of them share a common notion like investing bit less on such machine and relying greatly on their expert operators at the workshop. In this way, they want the machine to cut consistently. These buyers are also ready to spend some amount on the other components. They also prefer to invest with the CAM software which can automate the cutting process up to 99% and can promote high quality cuts as well as low-operating cost like elements. If you also share the same notion, then you also need to pay attention towards low-scrap rate, consumables life as well as high productivity like aspects.

For the CNC plasma cutter, a wide range of software is now used. There are really many software which are admired by the manufacturers of the CNC plasma cutter. They are assigning such software for the computer connected to the machine. But the fact is that such software is also creating a lot of confusions in this industry. You can always find a frustration among the operators when they are working even with a highly potential machine. This can be easily sensed. Well, the problem lies with the understanding of the software. Until and unless an operator understands the concept behind that software, this type of situation will rise time and again. So, having a proper understanding of the software that is assigned for a CNC plasma cutter is always important.

The fact is that the simplest software used for these machines to perform works like nesting, processing, drawing and generating the right direction for torch also looks to be complex enough. For a productive, modern and highly potential CNC plasma cutter, you always need such a software that you can understand in a better way. CNC plasma cutters now days are coming to the market for which this type of software is used. In order to make the potential owners of these machines familiar with the software, the manufactures are also adding details. This may help a lot to understand the concept of the software easily.

When we are talking about the type of software that is needed for a CNC plasma cutting machine to work, you can find that 3 types of software are now available in the market. Such software can be used for a modern CNC plasma cutting unit, such software needs to be assigned in order to make the whole system more productive and automated. At the same time, when you are selecting the best software for a CNC plasma cutter you also need to pay attention towards other things like what sort of primary functions these three types of software can deliver and what sort of advancements such software can deliver in order to enhance your productivity and performance level at the workshop.

For the CNC plasma cutting machines used at the industrial level basic software is always used. CAD or known as Computer Assisted Design which is now coming with a wide range of complexity levels and also fit different budgets. CAD related drawing files can also be downloaded online for free. You can find such drawing packages both in simple as well as complex formats. You can even buy these drawing packages with a low price range. These drawing packages are available at local stores that sell computer software. And when you have a higher budget, you can always opt for the CAD based software that is specifically designed to meet the industrial requirements.

It’s the complexity of software that is the most common difference you can find among these packages. There are also a few other elements that differentiate such packages from each other such as 3D or 2D drawings, options to get correct assessment about the size of the materials, load capacities and strengths, the ability for viewing and rotating the drawing and the ability to generate the torch path. As far as CAD based software is concerned, this helps in terms of drawing, detailing, and managing the design configuration of the product. When the CNC plasma cutting units are used to cut through sheet metal and flat plates, majority of such machines are regulated by the CAD based software. Here, the CAD can be used for drawing the detail and dimensioned portion of the metal that will be cut further.

Plasma Arc Cutting – Processes Involved!


If you will look for the present metal cutting industry, then you can find that plasma arc cutting has really managed to become the most suitable and preferred method for accomplishing this type of operation. This has become the most preferred method to produce great, precise, accurate and smooth cuts on different types of materials. However, the demand for the plasma arc has really reached its top when the most advanced technology like CNC or known as Computer Numerical Control is assigned for it. These days, you can find a lot of CNC plasma cutting machines in the market that comes with different power and efficiency range. These machines are designed to produce accurate cuts and the manual work needed for such operations is avoided to a great extent. Operators feel the ease to work with these machines instead of going for the conventional units.

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Plasma Cutting – Steps to Follow In Order to Operate the Machine Correctly!

There are a few things you need to follow in order to perform plasma cutting like work in the right and accurate manner. There are certain steps involved to perform this type of cutting work. As the plasma cutting has managed to attract several industries across the globe, the demand for the plasma cutter has also gone very up. Now days, you can find a lot of industries where this process is adopted wholeheartedly in order to perform cuts on different materials with different thickness and volume. No matter what you want to cut, plasma cutter can cut almost every material. But for that as an operator you need to have proper practice. This may take some time to learn the whole process and to produce accurate cuts but with practice you will be able to do this for sure. Continue reading “Plasma Cutting – Steps to Follow In Order to Operate the Machine Correctly!” »

Plasma Cutting – Make Yourself a Better Operator!

Once you practice how to perform the plasma cutting, your techniques will also develop. For just any plasma cutting machine, the torch uses to play a very important role. And when you are looking forward to develop your skills as the plasma cutting operator, you need to practice right handling of the torch. This can enhance the quality of the cuts and can also enhance your productivity as an operator. All you need to hold this torch at such an angle that it can remain slightly backward. You also need to rotate the side of the torch slightly so that it can perform the cuts perfectly.

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Plasma Cutting – The Precautions You Need to Take!

Look at just any industry, and you will find safety is given utmost importance at these venues. Following the safety measures is not just important in terms of keeping the workers protected from possible hazards but this is also important to keep the whole industry safe from possible major issues. And when you are working with the plasma cutting system, you cannot just avoid the safety measures and equipments that are designed to keep you and the machine in the best shape. Continue reading “Plasma Cutting – The Precautions You Need to Take!” »